Scott Mattern
Scott Mattern

Squat: 300

Deadlift: 400

Clean & Jerk 200

Snatch: 145

Fran: 5:44

500m Row: 1:36


Father of 5 Children,

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Scott Mattern

My first real fitness experience was the day I agreed to run stairs with my college roommate. As I lay clutching my side halfway up my roommate passed me again and again. That is when I discovered fitness wasn’t a one-time event, but rather a commitment. For the next several years I pursued running and weight lifting with the goal of getting “fit”, but not really know what I was doing. At 40 I was introduced to CrossFit and every changed. For the first time, my workouts were planned and coached and I began to reach a level of fitness even greater than 20 years prior. Almost a decade later, I decided that it was time to push myself even further and I earned my CF-L1. I have been coaching ever since (and loving it!).

I was very active in my college years and early twenties, but after graduating life picked up speed. Before I knew it, 15 years without any sort of regular exercise had gone by. I realized I had become a MAOW, a Middle Aged Office Worker! Around that time, my wife, who had been doing CrossFit with some of her friends, invited me to ‘Bring a Friend Day’. CrossFit proved to be an awesome way to combat the sedentary lifestyle of an office worker. I was hooked! Middle age is an inevitable reality that sneaks up on all of us. That doesn't mean we need to take it sitting down.

Everyone who walks through CrossFit Flathead doors is an athlete. Many of us have untapped strengths and are capable of more than we think. My biggest passion as a CrossFit coach is helping people push past what they think they can do and achieve goals they didn’t think possible. Whether you are a fire-breather who needs someone to yell “Go faster!” or a beginning athlete who needs to hear “You can do it.”, I will coach you.