Getting Started / How to Join

If you are interested in joining CrossFit Flathead or just want to find out more about what we do, we have just a couple simple steps.

1. Contact our owner / head coach Nicole Marr at 406-755-9348 / 406-261-6946 or crossfit.flathead@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. We will spend as much time as necessary discovering your fitness needs and goals. Our aim is to answer every one of your questions about CrossFit Flathead's training methods, classes, our training facility and community of people.

2. With deciding that CrossFit Flathead is right for you, we will schedule you into our "CrossFit Flathead Preparation Class" Training Sessions. These "CrossFit Flathead Preparation Class" Training Sessions are mandatory for all members.
          We offer our "CrossFit Flathead Preparation Class" training on the first and third week of every month. Which days will depend on the group and schedules.
           In the "CrossFit Flathead Preparation Class" training sessions we will assess your abilities of strengths and weaknesses. You will learn the proper techniques of movement, understand how to control your body safely in movement, learn and understand coaching cues and movement terminology making sure that we give you the best fitness experience we have to offer.

3. You will be given a new way of “Eating Fresh” to fuel your body properly so you get the results you are truly looking for. We believe that “We are what we eat” is a very true statement and how we fuel our body is first major step in true fitness. You can be active your whole life but if you do not fuel it properly you will not achieve the health and fitness you are looking for.

4. Once you have completed your "CrossFit Flathead Preparation Class" Training Sessions, you will begin regularly participating in the class of your choice offered throughout the day. Our programming is 3 days of training, then a day of rest, 2 days of training, then a day of rest, each week. Class varies in size due to our everyday life schedules and are led by one of our CrossFit certified trainers.

5. Our workouts or the "today's challenge" is strategically programmed by Coach Nicole to ensure that all muscle groups are properly represented and that you receive the most benefit for your time spent and have fun doing it. We have seven class times throughout the day to choose from to accommodate your schedule.

Note: Prior CrossFit members must go through a coaching evaluation of at least 1 One on One session with Coach Nicole.

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